Core values

Have you seen the fresh project ‘core values’ on my site? Go check it out. During this shoot we took a few behind the scenes photos, that were put up earlier on. Maybe you noticed something. The fact one of the cameras was a 50 megapixel Canon 5DS. Why a camera with so many pixels? Well that was because this project was shot to be printed and cover an entire office area! See here the progress of prints being put up against the wall!

Another late night

Out there again during the evening for an architecture serie. That beautiful light from the twilight, it gives you that lovely possibility to create a blue sky but also look into the building!

Whitehouse Decorations

Today on set for some interior photography for Whitehouse Decorations. Keep everything clean on the set. Put everything away behind you what you don’t need ‘When you work in a mess, you’ll produce a mess’. 

Using Format