Selected clients

Brandon Lee Hoop, Chiropractie Blaauw, Crossfit Nultien, DJ Mira, D&D Entertainment, Greenleaf Enterprises B.V., Hard Work Industrial Sports, Marianni Productions, Myler, De Mussen, KIKI House of Angels, Kops Gym Amsterdam, Het Rotterdams Beeldfonds, Sennheiser, SERA software, SportsArt Den Helder, Spredle, Sungevity International, Titanium Sports, Zwarte Presenteert Lola and many more.

Photographed amazing people such as: Bert Kops and Jorina Baars, but also upcoming and talented fighters as Yasin Şeref Guren, Victor Kuiks and Heisam Saleh.


-Model Citizen Magazine, issue 34 (cover page).

-Graduation thesis has been included in the library of the Dutch Fotomuseum.

-GUP New Dutch Talent 2020.

-Instagram of L'HOMO magazine.


-Fotolab KIEKIE


-Project Just 010, Niffo Galerie Rotterdam.

-Graduation exhibition 2019 in Utrecht.

-Keep An Eye, Graduation show 2019 in Rotterdam.

-GUP NEW 2020.

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