Rick is a photographer who brings vibrant and impactful visuals to life, specialising in sports, commercial, fashion, and portrait photography. Based in The Netherlands, but free to venture beyond borders.

With a foundation rooted in street photography, particularly within the skateboarding and graffiti scenes of Rotterdam and London. A place that unveils the captivating world of fashion, the interplay of light and shadow, and the enchanting realm where colours flourish.

Beyond the streets, his artistic vision draws inspiration from the world of martial arts, as he is captivated by its aesthetics, intimacy, and dynamic nature.

By intertwining these diverse influences, he strives to create powerful visual narratives that resonate with viewers on a profound level. Welcome to Rick’s artistic realm, where every image tells a compelling story.

To get in touch for inquiries or just say hi, rickvandervlies.info@gmail.com & +31653875387 

(Thanks to Tim Verhallen for the image)


Applied Photography and Image Communication, bachelor of design. At the Dutch University of Applied Photography in Rotterdam.

Graduated in 2019.


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